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Compliment and Complement

The words compliment and complement often confuse their writers because of similarity in their spelling and pronunciation. Let's take a deeper look at them. Compliment is a word or phrase that praises someone or something. She complimented me on my new house. Complement... Continue Reading →


Comparison of Adjectives

You know what adjectives are, the describing words for nouns like "magic" in magic castles, "beautiful" in beautiful interiors, etc. At times we have to compare the qualities of two or more things, and we use degrees of comparison for that,... Continue Reading →

Accurate vs. Precise

Is there any difference between "accurate" and "precise"? At the first glance, none. But that just means we need to take a second glance. Because, though both these words have similar meaning, they are distinct. Accurate "Accurate" means how well... Continue Reading →

Has, Have or Had?

This post comes as an answer to a doubt my friend C asked me some time back. Sorry for the delay, sweetz! Here it is. The various forms of the word “have” have always confused many. Let me try reducing... Continue Reading →

Indian Bids in Freelancing

I am paid quite decently, considering I am not a native speaker, in my job of technical editing. However, as it is a fixed pay and as I wanted to find out the current rates of editing and writing jobs,... Continue Reading →

‘Then’ and ‘Than’

You can see them, they are so similar and therefore so easy to be mistakenly used, right? People often mistake them either in meaning or in spelling. These words are mistaken more in writing than in speech. And because they... Continue Reading →

New Year Greetings

What with the new year and all, I decided I will revive my blog (which had been pending for a few months now) with a holiday themed post, which now is of course that of the New Year. This is... Continue Reading →

Company “That” Hired Me, or Company “Who” Hired Me?

"Apple launches its latest iPhone" or "Apple launches their latest iPhone"? It is a common confusion that occurs to many while creating marketing content, such as press releases and news snippets. When it comes to companies or a group of... Continue Reading →

The Three ‘Persons’ in Grammar

Articles, prepositions, tenses are those boring lessons in grammar that you probably slept through in classes. I too have, and for some time grammar classes meant simple boredom. I would've forgotten them if I hadn't had to teach them in... Continue Reading →

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